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Last updated March 18, 2020, 4:41pm

Updates on COVID-19

The list of resources continues to grow. If you still have a specific question, please reach out!

  1. The Graduate Division and I have been discussing an online webinar for graduate students to communicate the impact of the restrictions on our degree progress.
  2. A message about degree progress was distributed to department chairs and coordinators; I am sharing that here as well.
  3. The main university site for updates around COVID-19 is
  4. Tools for delivering remote learning are available at
  5. Specific student resources are listed at
  6. If you do not have a laptop or any other technology required to participate in remote learning, please visit and be sure to note if you are missing anything more than a laptop.
  7. Are you a Tutor, Reader, Teaching Assistant, or an ASE of any type? Check out to have your questions answered!
  8. Specific information for international students via ISPO:
  9. An update on Transportation Services is available at
  10. Continue providing feedback via this Google form. These responses are being closely monitored to ensure we are timely in demanding action from the university

Other important things to remember:

For students whose professors are insisting on having in-person final exams, please contact the department chair and the Dean of the academic division. The same is true for students whose PI’s/mentors/advisors are requiring them to continue reporting to work.

For students concerned about being asked to leave campus, HDH has committed to staying fully operational. Students may use their own discretion, but our on-campus housing will not be closing.

Students should reconsider traveling for spring break, especially those who may be leaving the country. While we are taking swift and drastic action, the possibility of returning may be impeded by the changing regulations.

We are resilient; we will persist.


Rachel Flanagan

GSA President


The GSA is the official representative body of graduate and professional student at UCSD, which exists to advocate for the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.

The schedule for next year’s council meetings can be found on our meeting schedule page, or you can contact the GSA directly.

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