Graduate Student Campus Committees

Are you interested in getting more involved? Do you want to help steer UCSD to more grad-friendly campus policies and resources? Then the GSA wants you to represent the graduate students on a campus policy committee! Here you can find a brief description of the various GSA committees and external committees (such as in the Academic Senate or Vice Chancellor Advisory boards) to which the GSA appoints student representatives.

Chief of Staff:

GSA Governance Documents Maintenance Committee (GDMC)

For more information, contact the Chief of Staff at

VP Academic Affairs:

GSA Academic and Judicial Committee (AJC)

What is it: The Academic and Judicial Committee is a GSA committee that advises the VP Academic on academic and professional development matters related to grad students, helps plan and execute the PhD Career Conference, and occasionally acts as GSA’s court in cases of gross misconduct by a GSA Executive, which warrant impeachment. The discussion topics will be as follows: Academic Resources for Grad Students (Fall), Professional Development Resources for Grad Students (Winter), and TA/GSR Resources for Grad Students (Spring). AJC meets once per quarter in Week 7, and members help with the PhD Career Conference. Time Commitment: 2 hours per quarter plus all day (10 am to 6 pm) for the Career Conference and a few planning sessions with Career Services Center staff. (All members should expect to attend the final planning session before the conference. Interested members can attend more planning sessions as their schedule permits.)

For more information, contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs at

VP Campus Affairs:

University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB)

What Is It: UCAB advises the university on all things related to University Centers (UCEN), which includes Price Center, the old Student Center, and the co-ops such as the G-store, the food co-op, Groundworks Bookstore, and Che Cafe. They decide on new businesses to occupy retail space and allocate the $10 million annual UCEN budget. UCAB reports directly to the director of UCEN. Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per week.

Associated Residential Community Housing Advisory Committee (ARCHAC)

What Is It:  ARCHAC sets the policies for graduate housing on campus, including rent structures, time limits for graduate students, pet policies, parking policies, and more.  The committee is co-chaired by a graduate student and is majority graduate student voters.

Transportation Policy Committee (TPC)

What Is It: The transportation policy committee works with Transportation Services to fix bus services, parking services, and other services related to transportation on campus.  This committee has faculty and staff representatives in addition to students. Time Commitment: 1.5 hours per month.

Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC)

What Is It: This is a new committee, formed as a result of the 2014 student transporation fee referendum.  The committee oversees the transportation deal with MTS (San Diego bus operation company), including advising MTS on new routes, additional buses added to routes, etc.  The committee also has a discretionary fund which is to be used for the improvement of alternative transportation on campus (walking, biking, skateboards, etc.). Time Commitment: 1 meeting per month (1-1.5 hours); since the committee is new timing is unsure.

Campus/Community Planning Committee (C/CPC)

What Is It: C/CPC provides counsel and advice to the Chancellor with respect to the physical development of the La Jolla campus, Elliott Field Station and the surrounding community. The C/CPC reviews cites proposed for new buildings, reviews and advises the Chancellor on long range planning, and monitors development of the surrounding community.

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VP External Affairs:

GSA Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC)

For more information, contact the Vice President of External Affairs at

VP Social Affairs:

GSA Social Programming Committee (SPC)

For more information, contact the Vice President of Social Affairs at

VP Financial Affairs:

GSA Finance Committee

Your Representative: Finance Committee

What Is It: Finance Committee is composed of GSA representatives and Executive members, which reviews funding request to fund for various events organized by student organizations and departments. They are also in charge in formulating the budget for the following academic year and also making suggestions and amendments to the budget.

Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC)

What Is It: SFAC is charged with evaluating Student Fee Funded Units and making recommendations on allocations of the Student Fees that every student pays while attending UC San Diego. Our duty is to see that the proposed Student Fee uses are in the best interests of the university and its students, and in compliance with existing policies and guidelines. The committee is comprised of students, faculty, and campus administrators, with students comprising a substantial majority. Annually, the committee compiles and submits recommendations for allocations of the Student Services Fees.

Sports Facilities Advisory Board (SFAB)

What Is It: The Sports Facilities Advisory Board (SFAB) is the principal advisory committee on sports facilities and related policies at the University of California, San Diego. SFAB operates under this charter with the approval of the Chancellor, the Associated Students Council and the Graduate Student Association Council. The Committee is charged by the Chancellor and given the responsibility of ensuring that the sports facilities have the emphases, breadth, and coordination to complement optimally the philosophy, missions, and goals of UCSD.

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VP Diversity Affairs:

GSA Diversity Advisory Council (DAC)

For more information, contact the Vice President of Diversity, Service, Equity and Inclusion at