Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of 7 elected and 8 appointed officers.

For the 2017-2018 term, they are:

Elected Officers

  • Mark Derdzinski


    Serves as Chair of both the GSA Executive Committee and Council, oversees the direction of the organization and ensures the execution of its responsibilities and commitments.

    Mark Derdzinski (president@gsa.ucsd.edu): Physics
  • Vladimir Jovanovic

    Vice President of Academic Affairs

    Serves as Vice Chair of the GSA Academic and Judicial Committee and as a representative to the Graduate Council and Representative Assembly of the Academic Senate, coordinates the annual Ph.D. Career Conference in conjunction with the Career Services Center, and appoints students to campus-wide academic committees.

    Vladimir Jovanovic (vpacademic@gsa.ucsd.edu): Neuroscience
  • Zihan Xu

    Vice President of Financial Affairs

    Serves as Vice Chair of the GSA Finance Committee and oversees the finances of GSA.

    Zihan Xu (vpfinance@gsa.ucsd.edu): Nanoengineering
  • Kimberly McCabe

    Vice President of External Affairs

    Serves as Vice Chair of the GSA Legislative Advocacy Committee, coordinates the regular lobby efforts of the organization, and oversees the work of the Legislative Liaisons.

    Kimberly McCabe (vpexternal@gsa.ucsd.edu): Bioengineering
  • Betty Ramirez

    Vice President of Campus Affairs

    Serves as Vice Chair of the GSA Student Affairs Committee, works to improve various aspects of student life on campus, and appoints students to campus-wide committees dealing with such issues.

    Betty Ramirez (vpcampus@gsa.ucsd.edu): Literature
  • Osinachi Ajoku

    Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

    Serves as Vice Chair of the GSA Diversity Advisory Council, oversees the organization's outreach efforts, and works in support of campus diversity.

    Osinachi Ajoku (vpdiversity@gsa.ucsd.edu): Scripps Institute of Oceanography
  • Melissa Vipperman-Cohen

    Vice President of Social Affairs

    Serves as Vice Chair of the GSA Social Programming Committee, coordinates all GSA event planning, and works with the Social Coordinator to host GSA events.

    Melissa Vipperman-Cohen (vpsocial@gsa.ucsd.edu): Literature

Appointed Officers

  • Anupam Garg

    Legislative Liaison for State and Local Affairs

    Develops legislative proposals and interacts with state and local representatives (appointed by the VP of External Affairs).

    Anupam Garg (ca.legislative@gsa.ucsd.edu): Neuroscience
  • Beverly French

    Legislative Liaison for National Affairs

    Develops legislative proposals, interacts with national representatives, and maintains relationships with NAGPS and SAGE (appointed by the VP of External Affairs).

    Beverly French (us.legislative@gsa.ucsd.edu): Scripps Institute of Oceanography
  • Lynn Waterhouse

    Cultural Events Coordinator

    Organizes cultural programming, including special event ticket sales (appointed by the VP of Social Affairs).

    Lynn Waterhouse (cultural@gsa.ucsd.edu): Scripps Institute of Oceanography
  • Michael Metke

    Social Events Coordinator

    Organizes social programming, including happy hours (appointed by the VP Student and Campus Affairs).

    Michael Metke (social@gsa.ucsd.edu): Neuroscience
  • Hayley Weddle

    Chief of Staff

    Manages GSA council and appoints to committees. Acts as the liaison between the executives and council representatives (appointed by the President and VPs).

    Hayley Weddle (chief@gsa.ucsd.edu): Education Studies
  • Kim Clark

    Community Outreach Coordinator

    Fosters relationships between graduate students at UCSD and the greater San Diego community, specifically those who belong to historically underrepresented and under-resourced communities in academia (appointed by the VP of EDI)

    Kim Clark (outreach@gsa.ucsd.edu): Communication
  • Nicole Hoffner

    Professional Development Coordinator

    Works with Grad Divison and the Career services center to host GrAdvantage events and the PhD Career Conference (appointed by the VP of Academic Affairs).

    Nicole Hoffner (professional@gsa.ucsd.edu): Neuroscience


    Serves as the GSA Rules Officer in Council meetings

    VACANT (parliamentarian@gsa.ucsd.edu):
  • Tatiana Zavodny

    Travel Grants Coordinator

    Manages and coordinates the GSA Travel Grants program.

    Tatiana Zavodny (travel@gsa.ucsd.edu): Literature

Mark Derdzinski, Vladimir Jovanovic, Zihan Xu, Kimberly McCabe, Betty Ramirez, Melissa Vipperman-Cohen, Osinachi Ajoku, Hayley Weddle, Beverly French, Anupam Garg, Lynn Waterhouse, Michael Metke, Kim Clark, Nicole Hoffner, Tatiana Zavodny
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Mark Derdzinski (GSA President)
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