Notes from the VP of Student and Campus Affairs

VP of Student and Campus Affairs: Daniel Jacobsen

The Student and Campus Affairs Office is responsible for:

Managing the GSAUCSD social portfolio including quarterly festivals:

Summer: New Grad Orientation

Fall: GSA Halloween Party

Winter: GSA Snow Goddess

Spring: GSA Spring Fling

Assisting reps in planning intradepartmental and interdepartmental social events.

We plan and organize at least 4 interdepartmental Roaming Socials per quarter.

Organizing ticket purchase and distribution to graduate and professional students for events of a cultural or artistic character

Plan and organize 1 field trip per quarter, including a wine tasting trip to Temecula and a brewery tour!

Meet quarterly with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to discuss student life and campus climate

Appoint to various committees, including ARCHAC, TPC, WCSAB and UCAB

The Student and Campus Affairs Team consists of:

Daniel Jacobsen

Vice President for Student Campus Affairs

Frank Beckwith and Alexandra Buckley

Social Events Coordinators

Sarah Barnhill

Cultural Events Coordinator

Please contact us if you have any ideas for a social, cultural or campus wide event!