The Lounge (previously Cafe Vita)

The Lounge is open to all graduate students!

The space is open as a study space 7 days a week. There are also times set aside when the space will be used to host cultural and social events.

The Lounge serves as:

  • Open study space for graduate students
  • GSA Social and cultural event programming space
  • Available for reservations on request

One Miramar residents have access to the space using their current room keys and code.  Other graduate students (including Mesa Residents) will need to get a new key card for access.  This can be done at the housing office during regular business hours (9am-5pm).


Reservations can be made by contacting Mesa Housing staff.

If you would like to serve alcohol, an alcohol permit is required when the number of guests is over 20. Please make reservations at least a week in advance so the alcohol permits can be filled in a timely manner.

By signing the alcohol permit, you are accepting liability for anything that happens in this space. Be mindful of the residents around you and keep the noise level down. Do not consume alcohol outside. Public intoxication or drinking in public can result in $300 fines - please use this space in a responsible manner!

Keep in mind that this is a community space! Make sure you clean up after your event and dispose of trash properly. If you have an excess amount of trash, please dispose of it in the dumpster. Also be considerate of the residents around you!

Fill out the alcohol permit here. Fill out the sponsoring organization (ex: department), event date, event hours, beverages and food served, and section II (host of the event). Please send the permit to Mesa Housing.

Email with questions or suggestions!