GSA Roaming Social Hours

Winter 2017 Schedule:

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Roaming Social Hour Details:

Starting in the 2007/2008 school year, GSA began to implement a roaming social hour to simplify the bureaucracy behind hosting a happy hour for graduate students. The position of the GSA Social Coordinator was created to streamline this process and maintain the viability of this system. As a result GSA Reps can now request to host a Social Hour. This simple FAQ explains the GSA Social Hours in more detail:

What does a GSA Roaming Social Hour include?

2 kegs of beer, snacks (e.g. chips, pretzels), and sodas/water.

Which beers can I choose from?

We generally purchase kegs from Green Flash, Rough Draft, or Twisted Manzanita.

How much does it cost?

They are free of charge, as funds come from GSA. Thus, this event is open to all graduate students. We encourage you to use your department per capita (DPC) if you have excess.

How do I request a GSA social hour?

Check the calendar to make sure the week you want is available. Find a partner department (or two) that want to jointly host with yours. Send an email to with your name, the requested date and time, the location at which you want to host the happy hour (including room number), the Facility Manager for that location and their contact information, and the preferred flavor of beer.  Requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance in order to ensure the red tape can be satisfied in time. If you send only some of the information, the paperwork can't be started, and the reservation of the date isn't yours yet. To avoid this problem, be sure to provide all of the info when (or very soon after) you request your date.

What happens after my social hour is confirmed?

The GSA Social Coordinator will begin to fill out the alcohol permit for your event, and passing it through the proper university channels. They will also order your beer. You will need to sign the permit to take liability for ensuring only 21+ adults are served. Once the permit is completed you will be sent a copy and will need to provide this at the event should the authorities show up.

Then, very importantly, you should advertise your event to the grad community as a whole. This is an important stipulation of the roaming social hours: they are all-inclusive and you must get the word out about your event. One good avenue is the gsa-reps list. As a rep, you should be subscribed to this, and can send messages for other reps to forwarded along to their departments. Another good option is the weekly grad life announcements list. Currently, their policy is: "send the announcement to . Announcements must be received by 5pm Wednesday to be included in the following week’s announcements.  Email announcements will go out by Monday for the upcoming week." The GSA Social Coordinator will make a facebook event and advertise the event on UCSD GSA's facebook page.

For the day of the event, at least 2-3 volunteers from the sponsoring departments should be available to help with checking IDs, wristband distribution, and serving. Work with the GSA Social Coordinator to figure out setup and clean-up. The Social Coordinator will purchase all items and will be there for the duration of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. The alcohol permit must be available during the event.

Why are the events jointly hosted?

One of the reasons for the Social hours is to mix/mingle, and this is more effective when joining two departments at one event. Additionally, due to the huge number of requests, there is not enough time in the quarter for GSA to allow individual departments to host. If you want to combine 3 or even more departments, that's ok too, and is encouraged. Our record so far is 4!

Can I host an event on a day other than Friday?

The event can be held Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!

Can two events be hosted the same week if another department is hosting it on Wednesday?

Unfortunately due to logistics and sanity, only one Roaming Social Hour will occur/be granted per week.

How often can my department host a roaming social hour?

If dates are available, it is possible to host (joint) events as often as once per quarter. However, priority is given, in the vein of the roaming happy hours' mission, to departments who have not hosted in the recent past. Thus, frequently hosting departments may not get first choice of dates or may need to form bigger coalitions (i.e. bigger parties) in order to get on the schedule for a social hour.

Why do I need to sign the alcohol permit, and what am I liable for?

In order to maintain accordance with the alcohol policy the GSA representative must certify compliance. Your signature on the alcohol permit certifies that you ensure beer is only served to 21+ individuals. By requesting a Social Hour and signing the alcohol permit you certify that you will be the only individual serving the beer. If more than one individual will be a designated server all must sign the alcohol permit.

What if my question wasn't answered on this page?

Email the GSA Social Coordinator at