Financial Affairs

Each year, GSA provides funding towards events organized by graduate students which seek to improve educational, professional and social life at UC San Diego. Funds are appropriated based on number of graduate students attendees ($3-$6/students/event) and it can range up to $2000/year for each student organization or department. The funding range is subjected to change and approval of the Finance Committee of each year. Any graduate student in good standing may apply and funding will be awarded to the events that are approved by the GSA Finance Committee and Council of Representatives. Funding requests will be evaluated based on their history and contribution to a rich and varied extra-curricular lifestyle at UCSD.

For the list of fund categories, please click here

Application Process

  1. Plan your event!
  2. Submit a Funding Request for your event. Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to the event to avoid rejection due to insufficient timing.
  3. Show up at the next Finance Committee meeting and pitch your event. Your request will be assessed using these guidelines.
  4. If approved by the Finance Committee, show up at the next GSA Council of Representatives meeting for final approval.
  5. Has your finance request been approved? Congrats! Don’t forget to advertise your event at You can also contact GSA VP Campus to add your event to GSA calendar and facebook page.
  6. Throw your awesome even and don’t forget to maintain a sign-in sheet!!
  7. Document your event.
  8. Submit original receipts, reimbursement form along with the copy of your approved bill no later than 21 days after the event to the GSA fund manager (Evelyn Rose) at the Student Business Office on the 3rd Floor of Price Center for reimbursement.

Notes from the VP of Financial Affairs