Finance Committee

2017-2018 Finance meetings for Winter 2017 :

GSA office (4th floor Price Center East) 


6pm-7pm on Monday (bi-weekly)

Next FM will be held on Jan 23, 5:30-6:30pm

Requests must be received at least 49 hours in advance of the finance committee meeting to be considered.  Requests approved by the finance committee will be brought to the GSA Council during the next Council meeting.  Please email regarding any questions.


Sabrina Berkamp (Chair), Lynn Waterhouse, Khyati Shah, Roisul Galib, Luke Stroth, Eric Lybrand, GSA executive Committee

Tatiana Zavodny (ex officio), Walter (Quint) Frauman (ex officio), Mark Derzinski (ex officio), Hayley Weddle (ex officio)

Administrative Contact

Zihan Xu (GSA Vice President of Financial Affairs)