GSA List of Funds


Fund Description Fund Establishment
Diversity Request FundDiversity Request Fund is for events promoting Diversity in the Graduate Student Population at UCSD. 2010-10-04
Academic & Professional FundThe Academic Fund is designed to fund intradepartmental academic colloquia. Funding proposals may include requests for honoraria or travel for speakers, and/or refreshments for events.2010-02-10
Department Per-Capita FundDepartment Per Capita funds are intended to be used in a way beneficial to the graduate students of the respective department. These funds have spent in the past on events such as quarterly parties, speaker series, or lounge improvements. Unlike the General Request Fund which focuses on funding interdepartmental events, the per capita funds can be used for intradepartmental functions. Usually the DPCs are transferred to the department and the department representative/students shall have complete access to these funds to conduct events benefitting their department as a whole. The expenditure of these funds must be in compliance with the GSA financial bylaws and UCSD policy on expenditure of student fees. Please refer to our funding tips and guidelines for additional information. Reimbursements for money from this fund must be turned in by October 15th Noon (PST). Late applications will not be considered and the reimbursement will come from next year's DPC allocations. (Eg: DPC for 2014-2015 academic year is available from November 1st 2014 to October 15th 2015, if the request for DPC of 2014-2015 is submitted after the aforementioned deadline (i.e October 15th 2015 Noon (PST)), The allocations shall be deduced from the 2015-2016 DPC. If you have questions regarding DPC, Kindly contact your department's Fund manager/Graduate coordinator. 2010-02-10
Early Request FundEarly Request Funds are available during the summer months (July - September).2010-02-10
Family Friendly FundThe Family Friendly Fund is designed to provide funding for family-oriented graduate student events.

The Grad Parents Network is an organization that meets monthly and organizes events for the grad parent community and is generally funded from this fund.

Any graduate student can request funding.
General Request Fund

This money is for interdepartmental social, cultural, academic, and professional events as well as other activities of interest to graduate or professional students.

  • Any graduate or professional student organization registered with CSI may request money from this fund.
  • Events funded with GRF funds must be open and free to all graduate and professional students.
Lounge Improvement FundWhat kind of requests are sponsored by the Lounge Improvement Fund?
The Lounge Improvement Fund is intended to provide graduate students with funds for one-time purchases beneficial to the graduate students of the department requesting. Recent purchases have included lamps, couches, refrigerators, and computers. Consumable items and improvements to buildings (paint, electrical outlets/fixtures, carpet, and etc.) will not be funded. Monies are limited and requests will be funded in the order first come, first served. The Lounge Improvement Fund is available to departments in a loose rotation and departments that have received LIF funds during the fiscal year should not reapply the next year. All hardware, furniture, and appliances which are purchased remain the property of the GSA.

Who may request funding?
Requests for monies from the Lounge Fund must be submitted by at least one of the department's regular representatives to the Council.

When are requests due? When is money from this fund available?
Monies from this fund can be requested between the first finance committee meeting of the year and the second to last finance committee meeting (TBD). Any requests for reimbursement regarding money allocated from this fund must be turned in by May 30th.