Department Per-Capita Fund

Fund Status: Active
Establishment: 2010-02-10

Department Per Capita funds are intended to be used in a way beneficial to the graduate students of the respective department. These funds have spent in the past on events such as quarterly parties, speaker series, or lounge improvements. Unlike the General Request Fund which focuses on funding interdepartmental events, the per capita funds can be used for intradepartmental functions. Usually the DPCs are transferred to the department and the department representative/students shall have complete access to these funds to conduct events benefitting their department as a whole. The expenditure of these funds must be in compliance with the GSA financial bylaws and UCSD policy on expenditure of student fees. Please refer to our funding tips and guidelines for additional information. Reimbursements for money from this fund must be turned in by October 15th Noon (PST). Late applications will not be considered and the reimbursement will come from next year's DPC allocations. (Eg: DPC for 2014-2015 academic year is available from November 1st 2014 to October 15th 2015, if the request for DPC of 2014-2015 is submitted after the aforementioned deadline (i.e October 15th 2015 Noon (PST)), The allocations shall be deduced from the 2015-2016 DPC. If you have questions regarding DPC, Kindly contact your department's Fund manager/Graduate coordinator.