Lounge Improvement Fund

Fund Status: Active
Establishment: 2010-02-10

What kind of requests are sponsored by the Lounge Improvement Fund?
The Lounge Improvement Fund is intended to provide graduate students with funds for one-time purchases beneficial to the graduate students of the department requesting. Recent purchases have included lamps, couches, refrigerators, and computers. Consumable items and improvements to buildings (paint, electrical outlets/fixtures, carpet, and etc.) will not be funded. Monies are limited and requests will be funded in the order first come, first served. The Lounge Improvement Fund is available to departments in a loose rotation and departments that have received LIF funds during the fiscal year should not reapply the next year. All hardware, furniture, and appliances which are purchased remain the property of the GSA.

Who may request funding?
Requests for monies from the Lounge Fund must be submitted by at least one of the department's regular representatives to the Council.

When are requests due? When is money from this fund available?
Monies from this fund can be requested between the first finance committee meeting of the year and the second to last finance committee meeting (TBD). Any requests for reimbursement regarding money allocated from this fund must be turned in by May 30th.