Council Business

GSA meetings are held every other Monday in the Price Center 4th Floor Forum unless stated otherwise. Meetings are open to public. The list of the GSA meetings for the 2017-2018 academic year can be found here.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held every other Monday during the academic year (weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10), except during holidays in which the meeting will be moved. All meetings are held in the Price Center Forum, 4th floor of Price Center East.

The agendas are generally structured in this way (example agenda):

  1. Call to Order

  1. Approval of previous council meeting minutes

  1. Approval of current agenda

  1. Guest Presentations

  1. Vote on finance bills

  1. Vote on executive appointments

  1. Vote on council documents (e.g. resolutions, charges, bylaws, etc.)

  1. Presentation on council documents to be considered

  1. Presentations from council or executive members

  1. Call for next council meeting agenda items

  1. Adjourn

To place an item on the agenda, email the President ( and the Chief of Staff ( by 12pm on the Friday before the council meeting with the item. If the agenda item is not received by this time, the agenda must be amended during item III (approval of the current agenda) in order to present or vote on the item.

When presenting an item to council, ensure that the item is shared with all of council. If presenting a Google Doc, ensure that the sharing settings are set to “Anyone with the link can comment”. Additionally, agenda items to be voted on will be locked on Friday at 12pm when the agenda is distributed to prevent changes from being made after the agenda is sent. Amendments can be made during the council meeting or using the suggesting feature in Google Docs.

For a list of documents that have been passed by council, visit the Meeting Schedule and Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Resolutions, or Committee Charges sections.

The GSA Executive Officers also produce several reports throughout the year that may or may not be passed by Council due to time constraints. These reports are generally passed by a committee. Visit the GSA Reports section for more information.

Full Departmental Representative Responsibilities

  • Participate in annual representative training
  • Attend, at a minimum, three Council meetings per quarter
  • Serve on, at a minimum, one GSA committee or seek appointment to a campus-wide committee
  • Forward directly or provide for the dissemination of regular emails from the GSA News listserve to department constituents
  • Provide for the allocation of Department Per Capita (DPC) Funds and ensure the proper use of this money by the department community
  • The council responsibilities are described in full in the GSA Constitution.

Alternate Departmental Representative Responsibilities

  • Participate in annual representative training
  • Attend Council meetings in the absence of department representatives
  • Strongly encouraged to serve on a GSA committee or seek appointment to a campus-wide committee
  • Assist department representatives with other duties as needed

Robert’s Rules of Order


  • The Department Representatives on GSA Council elect new officers in the first meeting of the Spring Quarter each year in accordance with the Election Bylaws
  • Visit the Elections section during that time for platforms, information about nominees, etc.
  • For questions or comments, contact the Elections Committee at